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Sunday, February 10, 2013


Shadow work is everywhere right now. I see its efforts and effects in friends I've known for years, and in people who are now beginning to take a more prominent role in my life. These relationships we have with one another--poking and prodding the wounded places, offering good medicine and healing, sometimes less then consciously. Ouch! Ooops, I did I bump you? I didn't mean to hit that nerve. I was jest sayin' don't have to get all... We push, kiss, shove back, hold, fuck, try not to fuck, spar, long for, protest too much, hang on, let go, excite, fight, embrace change or try to keep moving in an old life on sheer momentum...The posturing is hysterically funny, making (some of) us laugh to the point of tears, the dance is ecstatically beautiful when we hold space, witness, play.

This transitioning, this shifting.

I feel a gravity pulling, though so much is in Mystery. I feel the wind between the worlds with this OPENING. I can lay down in the warm dark waters of this is a river, drink from it! Swim, breathe in it--it is possible. Sometimes I get the joke, sometimes I most certainly don't. That's when I'm REALLY funny, and the gods laugh (and laugh!). I dust myself off, try to regain a little dignity, and do it all some more.

(Originally posted on my Facebook page.)