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Monday, July 25, 2011

I miss being a forest witch

I miss being a forest witch!

(Right after I wrote the above statement, a cacophony of crows and jays began calling! I love corvids!)

I love Salem, don't get me wrong. Witch City, indeed! But it's a suburb. I am wishing for more breathing room again. I would love more isolation, more room to be with the forest, listening and working and playing in it.

I've lived like this before...years ago. And while I don't want to be so far away as to give up the artistic and social culture that more populated places have to offer, I miss the voices and quiet of the woods.


  1. Woman, is there no forest ANYWHERE near you? One would think Salem would be perfect for this sort of setup.

    Run away with us...we *ahem* may be headed to farmland and forest nearby, sometime in the NEAR future :)

  2. There is forest, but I have to get in a car to get there. I want it to be CLOSE, to live IN it again! I want the best of both worlds, dammit!

    Tell me more about your future plans!

  3. I keep thinking about your comment during my reading about maybe I wasn't meant to live in the city...I tend to agree but my work commute kind of forces it at this point.

  4. That's why I live on the countryside, next to a forest, beautiful meadows and fields. I have to take a car or bike to go into town or see friends though...

  5. N-I hope you can post photos of where you live sometime! I'd love to see! :)

  6. Matt--Here's to finding the best happy medium!